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Spirit of Math offers exclusive Contest Club and Competitive Contest Coaching Club for students looking for contest preparation and extreme challenges.

Contest Club

Please note: Contest Club is not being offered in the 2022-2023 school year

Calling all problem solvers! This contest club is for students who want to build their problem-solving skills and to prepare for contests all over the world! Students meet every two weeks for a 1.5-hour class to work through some of the most prestigious mathematics contests from around the world. Each 11-week course focuses on contests from one of the following regions of the world: North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania

Junior Contest Club: Grades 4 to 6
Intermediate Contest Club: Grades 7 to 9
Senior Contest Club: Grades 10 to 12

Term 1: This term focuses on contests from North America. Students in different levels of this club will prepare for different contests such as Canadian National Mathematics League (CNML), Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), Caribou, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC), American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and much more.

Term 2: This term focuses on contests from Europe and Oceania! Students in different levels of this club will prepare for different contests such as Kangaroo Contest, UKMT Mathematical Challenge, Australia Mathematics Competition, Russian Math Olympiad, and more!

Term 3: This term focuses on contests from Asia! Students in different levels of this club will prepare for different contests such as International Junior Math Olympiad, Singapore International Math Olympiad, Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad, World Mathematics Team Championship, and more!

Important Information

Recommendation: These courses are recommended for students who enjoy problem-solving and for those who want greater exposure to all the different types of questions in contests from around the world.

Competitive Contest
Coaching Club

The Competitive Contest Coaching Club is for students who would like to expand their knowledge and problem-solving skills while delving deeper into the subject of mathematics. This is an annual membership to a series of intensive high-level coaching sessions for students looking for an extreme challenge.

Students must submit an application to be considered for the Competitive Contest Coaching. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance.

Special guest speakers visit the Competitive Contest Coaching Club to engage students through interactive presentations on advanced math topics.

Important Information

Phase 1: Document Submission

All applicants must have a minimum grade of 92% from Spirit of Math (or 95% from other mathematics classes), three honour roll certificates from math contests during 2021 – 2022, and a positive recommendation letter form their Spirit of Math or day school math teacher. The deadline to submit these documents is October 31st 2022.

Checklist of documents:

A recent report card with a minimum 92% from Spirit of Math (or 95% from other mathematics classes)
Three recent math contest certificates with honour roll
A recommendation letter from their math teacher
Once you submit the documents, the committee will review your documents and selected applicants will be contacted to continue participating in Phase 2 Application Process.

Phase 2: Virtual Session

All applicants must demonstrate their critical thinking and math knowledge by completing an assignment that consists of two parts: writing a creative solution to an unrealistic scenario and solving two math contest questions. Phase 2 will take place virtually in mid to late August 2022.

Once you submit your work from the virtual meeting, the committee will review your work and selected applicants will be contacted and invited to the Competitive Contest Coaching Club.


To stay in the program, students need to be active participants and contribute to the learning of other members which will give them the full benefit from the coaching experience. As members of the club, students are expected to:

Compete in at least three prestigious math competitions during the school year.
Participate in team competitions, as organized by your coach.
Complete one group discovery project and presentation.
Attend virtual Competitive Contest Coaching Club general meetings.
Attend virtual Office Hours, as scheduled by your coach.