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With over 30 years of success, Spirit of Math is an innovative leader in education with more than 40 campuses across the globe. From our in-person and online classes, camps and workshops to our expanding series of workbooks and training for educators, Spirit of Math is changing the equation for inquisitive minds around the world.

Our Mission

Spirit of Math - Mission Statement

The Four Elements

Spirit of Math’s four elements form the foundation of all our programs. These building blocks are the basis of a multi-layered experience that creates well-rounded students with an intensive toolkit of skills, logical problem-solving and higher-level collaborative capabilities.

Four Elements

Our Teachers

At Spirit of Math, teachers receive more than 100 hours of training and ongoing development. As part of their comprehensive training, they are not just taught the advanced curriculum, they live it. Spirit of Math looks for teachers who will excel at connecting with students by providing a balance of kindness and firmness. They provide a structured environment conducive to learning for high performing students and help students develop the conceptual building blocks and relationships necessary for problem solving and logical thinking skills.

It was humbling, but also confidence building at the same time. We realize how much still need to learn, while also building some new skills in the process. For me, the big takeaway was that the learning should never stop when you are a teacher.

— David C., Teacher

I can only speak to my experience working for another after-school program which gave me about a half a day of training and half a day of shadowing before getting to work. The Spirit of Math training was not just about learning how to teach the material, but mastering it.

— Matthew E., Teacher

When you have that passion, you do whatever it takes to get better. You enjoy what you are doing and you are really thinking about the students in the classroom. Teachers are leading the students, not just thinking ‘I need to get this done, I don’t care if they get the material.’ It is about passion.

— Svitlana L., Teacher

Spirit of Math is a great place for learning. Being around like-minded students at a young age allowed me to develop crucial math and problem-solving skills at a higher level than taught at my day school. I was always a step ahead, which allowed me to excel in my grades and solidify my learning.

— Andy, Student

Our Founders

A unique classroom environment in which students come first, the Spirit of Math experience is the result of over 3 decades of incredible insight, patience, care, determination and the extraordinary vision of our founders and the Spirit of Math team!

Kimberley Langen
CEO & Co-founder

In 1995, Kimberley Langen (nee Ledger) launched the first Spirit of Math class in the basement of her home, welcoming 35 students. Kim is the CEO and founder of Spirit of Math Schools Inc., the CEO and Founder of Releasing the Genius Inc., and a global consultant for private and public-school divisions. Kim’s interest in education started when she taught elementary and high school students in public and private institutions for over 20 years and was the Director of Academics for a private girls’ school. As an educator, she was instrumental in developing the proprietary curriculum, teacher training programs and business structure to form the Spirit of Math system, which also now includes Spirit of English and Spirit of Technology. Disrupt magazine counts Kim amongst the “top 10 female leaders disrupting their industries in 2021.” Thrive Global includes Kim as one of the “top 10 thriving thought leaders to watch in 2021”

Charles Ledger

Charles earned an Honours B.Com. from the University of Manitoba, a B.Th. from the University of Toronto, an M.Ed. from Union Seminary, New York, and an M.A. from Columbia University. After retiring from teaching in 1993, he worked as an educational consultant. Charles developed the original Spirit of Math method for grades 7 to 9 while working at a Canadian junior high school. In his distinguished career, Charles has been awarded the Claude Watson Award, a Renee Descartes Medal and the Prime Minister’s Award for teaching

Gwen Ledger

Gwen earned a B.A. from York University and an M.A. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Gwen taught from the young age of 16 and consulted for elementary teachers before retiring in 1993. Gwen co-wrote the original Spirit of Math Program for grades 1 to 4. Her love and understanding of children provided the foundation for many of the teaching methods used today in Spirit of Math classes.

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The Spirit of Math Team

Team Spirit of Math is always looking for passionate, high-performing individuals to join our team. If you are interested in working with us please send us a query on the Contact Us page or visit the Careers page for latest job postings.

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