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Spirit of English Curriculum

Spirit of English (SoE) is a program for advanced students to be challenged and inspired in the realm of reading, writing, and presenting. An SoE student is an avid reader who enjoys analyzing and creating work that showcases both the structure and poetry of language. Like the Spirit of Math program, SoE is modeled around four distinct streams: drills, core grammar, expression, and independent assignments. These streams are taught using a combination of classroom teaching, independent study, and collaborative student work. Each grade in Spirit of English guides students through a balanced curriculum of technical and creative exercises and assignments that continue to build upon key skills.

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January 14th - May 31st, 2024

The drill and grammar streams work together to ensure students have a strong foundation in the technicality of writing. The drills include: cursive writing, spelling, punctuation, as well as identifying parts of speech, parts of a sentence, and phrase structure. The grammar stream further investigates these concepts with increasing complexity throughout the year. The expression and novel study stream focuses on the art of language. Students develop their creative expression skills through short stories, speeches, debates, poetry, fables, and literature analysis.

Spirit of English® is teaching high performing students in grades 2 to 6 through weekly classes in a dynamic classroom setting.