Spirit of English

For thinkers and communicators of the future.

Spirit of English Curriculum

The Spirit of English (SoE) program is designed to instill students with a true appreciation of English grammar, literature, and aesthetics. Our program holds the philosophy that good writing can only be achieved with a deep understanding of grammatical concepts. We first utilize a rigorous schedule of drills and problem solving to develop such an understanding in our students. They are taught how to analyze parts of speech, parts of a sentence, and even parts of an individual word. Then, once their grammatical sensibility is established, students are taught to apply their knowledge to paragraphs, essays, speeches, poetry, and stories.

Students are taught in early years to write practical day-to-day communication like thank-you notes and emails. Finally, the Spirit of English program considers exposure to classic literature to be an essential part of developing student’s literary sensibilities and capabilities. No matter the level, students in Spirit of English are exposed to rich classical texts, and engage in analysis and discussion of these texts with their peers.

Spirit of English® is teaching high performing students in grades 2 to 5 through weekly classes in a dynamic classroom setting.