Spirit of Math

When someone comes to watch our classes for the first time, they invariably say at the end of the 90-minute session "this really is not tutoring - it is very different," And they are right.

Spirit of Math Classes Are Unique

Our once-a-week classes with their unique format bring together Spirit of Math's Four Elements in a collaborative environment while providing high-performing students with the challenge they crave! In just 90 minutes per week, Spirit of Math covers just as much content, if not more than a typical day-school curriculum covers in a week!

Spirit of Math classes are also available online

Spirit of Math's full year virtual online classes offer the same challenging curriculum and interactive experiences as our in-person, onsite full-year classes for high-performing students. Our digital classroom platform, available to students around the world, ensures students are able to interact with their teachers and easily collaborate with their peers in class, critical for social and emotional development.

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Spirit of Math Curriculum

Although a student enrolled in Spirit of Math will be placed in the same grade level as their day school, they should expect their learning to be pushed up several notches. The material covered in Spirit of Math classes goes far beyond what is covered in their day school. We urge parents to find out more about Spirit of Math's unique proprietary curriculum and how it will benefit their high performing child!

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