Our Curriculum

A balanced teaching approach combined with an intense and unique program influences our students to learn skills that are necessary for their future success.

Kindergarten Curriculum

One-hour and 15-minutes fast-paced classes with many different activities.

Grade 1 Math Curriculum

Lays the early-years foundation in mathematics

Grade 2 Math Curriculum

Introduces many mathematical concepts and packed with new learning

Grade 3 Math Curriculum

Continues to lay the foundation for mathematical thinking in the early years

Grade 4 Math Curriculum

The Grade 4 curriculum prepares students for middle school

Grade 5 Math Curriculum

A critical foundation in mathematics

Grade 6 Math Curriculum

Filled with new learning and the weekly 1.5-hour class is fast-paced.

Grade 7 Math Curriculum

A focus on problem solving through 12 topics

Grade 8 Math Curriculum

Radicals, exponents, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, linear relations and more.

Grade 9 Math Curriculum

Begins a rigorous 3-year senior curriculum review in Spirit of Math.

Grade 10 Math Curriculum

Continues to prepare students for post-secondary success.

Grade 11 Math Curriculum

The final and graduating year for Spirit of Math.