Grade 5 Math Curriculum

The Grade 5 curriculum lays a critical foundation in mathematics and the weekly 1.5-hour class is based on developing a solid foundation for numeracy by developing skills in working with numbers that lay the foundation to their mathematics far into high school.  In this grade, the curriculum is no longer spiral, rather developmental with one topic thoroughly explored and consolidated before moving onto the next topic. The topics include the Relocation Property, signed numbers, Order of Operations, factors, multiples, primes, number sets, and more.  With the intense focus on numeracy, our grade 5 students gain a very deep understanding on how to work with numbers. In addition, drills, cooperative group work, and problem solving (such as Problem of the Day) continue to be key components in the Grade 5 curriculum. Unlike previous grades, Grade 5 students are expected to write their own class notes and are more accountable for their independent learning. All grade 5 students have tests and write a final examination. The overall curriculum strengthen students in their mathematics as well as their learning skills.

Here’s what we cover in Grade Five:

  • Multiplication (3×1 – 80 questions)
  • Division (3×1 – 80 questions)
  • Integer Addition (3×3 – 80 questions)
  • Grade 5 is the foundational year where students learn a variety of core topics in great depth. The grades 1-4 curriculum build up to the grade 5 year, and grades 6 onward build upon the grade 5 year
  • Relocation Property
  • Signed Numbers
  • Order of Operations
  • Factors, Multiples, and Primes
  • Number Sets
  • Weekly PODs (Problem of the Day) – group problem-solving in a variety of topics
  • Independent problem set assignments
  • Working in groups of 3 to 4 students to solve the POD (Problem of the Day)
  • Comparing and discussing homework solutions to independent assignments and core work
  • Strengthening communication and social skills
  • Learning how to share ideas on how to collaboratively solve problems
  • Developing critical thinking and decision-making skills

Grades are available online and parents receive three report cards each year. Our students will demonstrate their understanding through:

  • Four Unit Tests (at Lessons 6, 12, 21, and 35)
  • Final Comprehensive Exam
  • Independent Assignments (Mastermind, Fifty Mix) with corresponding tests
  • Assignment of the Year (creating 100 different equations equaling all numbers from 1-100 using only 4 digits and keeping digits in order)