Grade 8 Math Curriculum

The Grade 8 curriculum covers radicals, exponents, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, linear relations and more. These topics are covered in depth with many of the ideas usually not seen again until later in high school for most students. The extension to deeper thinking within each topic allows students to explore ideas in mathematics not often discussed in a regular classroom situation. In addition to the core topics, independent assignments (known as Jet Sets) have challenging, contest-level math problems.  Cooperative group work, like all other grades, is a key component in the curriculum for this grade, and all grade 8 students write a final examination at the end of the school year. The overall Grade 8 curriculum is designed for high performing students and the weekly 1.5-hour class is fast-paced.

Here’s what we cover in Grade Eight:

  • Simplifying Radicals: using knowledge of prime factoring to mentally simplify radicals into mixed form
  • Radicals (various operations and applications)
  • Exponents (exponent rules, patterns)
  • Algebra (solving and graphing equations and inequalities, linear relations)
  • Jet Set Assignments: eight different problem sets assigned throughout the year covering a variety of challenging types of problems. The aim is to improve at problem solving and to prepare for math contests.
  • Comparing and discussing homework solutions to independent assignments and core work
  • Strengthening communication and social skills
  • Learning how to share ideas on how to collaboratively solve problems
  • Developing critical thinking and decision-making skills

Grades are available online and parents receive three report cards each year. Our students will demonstrate their understanding through:

  • Three Unit Tests (at Lessons 11, 22, and 28)
  • Seven Problem Solving Tests based on the Jet Set Assignments (at Lessons 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, and 30)
  • Final Comprehensive Exam