Grade 6 Math Curriculum

The Grade 6 curriculum is filled with new learning and the weekly 1.5-hour class is fast-paced. In addition to drills and cooperative group work, students focus their learning on core topics such as rationals, rates, ratios, percent, geometry proofs, and more. In addition, students are given opportunities to solve a wide variety of hundreds challenging, contest-level math problems through independent assignments such as the Grade 6 Problem Set, Brain Bogglers I and II, as well as Mind Benders. The overall Grade 6 curriculum is challenging and engaging to our Grade 6 students.

Here’s what we cover in Grade Six:

  • Long Multiplication (up to 5 digits, with decimals
  • Perfect Squares (up to 602)
  • Fraction-Decimal Expansions (half to twelfths)
  • Oral Percent Drills
  • Rationals (adding and subtracting using LCMs, multiplying and dividing using prime factoring, distances on a number line, ordering rationals)
  • Ratio, Rate, Percent, and Proportion (solving and simplifying ratios, rate proportion and percent problem solving, percent-decimal-fraction conversions)
  • Geometry (points, lines, angles, angle theorems, classification of triangles, Pythagorean theorem, similar and congruent
    triangles, polygons, circle geometry)
  • Major independent problem set assignments
  • Comparing and discussing homework solutions to independent assignments and core work
  • Strengthening communication and social skills
  • Learning how to share ideas on how to collaboratively problem solve
  • Developing critical thinking and decision-making skills

Grades are available online and parents receive three report cards
Our students will demonstrate their understanding through:

  • Six Unit Tests (at Lessons 17, 23, 25, 30, 35, and 36)
  • Final Comprehensive Exam
  • Independent Assignments (Brain Bogglers I & II, Mind Benders) with corresponding tests