What is Spirit of Math

Engineered to elevate and designed to innovate, SPIRIT OF MATH is committed to enriching the next generation of thought leaders. Our uniquely effective approach to education is simple but pivotal – we cultivate critical thinkers by merging the spirit and practice of mathematics using the best practices from the eastern and the western worlds.


Now expanding in the U.S.A., Spirit of Math Schools has become Canada’s largest “after-school school” exclusively for high performing students in grades 1 to 11. SMS offers so much more than tutoring. The unique drill system, curriculum, problem solving and cooperative group work together provide an all-encompassing program that has produced top math students and math contest winners for more than 25 years. At more than 43 campuses, students experience a truly exciting learning environment where their thinking is stretched to new levels both by the teachers and their peers. Students attend a 1½ hour class each week (2 hours in grades 9-11) with homework between classes. The program in each grade progresses through the regular school year for 39 weeks.

Who Attends?

Students who are attracted to the Spirit of Math program are generally considered high performing math students. These are successful students demanding quality enrichment in mathematics, and are accepted on the basis of a personal interview and past achievements. While many of our students come from gifted/talented programs and top independent schools, it is a mistake to think that intelligence alone is the key to success. Through our proprietary curriculum, Spirit of Math students learn to focus and apply a strong work ethic. Our advanced program is designed to engage and challenge bright students at every grade level.

Not a Tutoring Program

Spirit of Math is, quite intentionally, not a tutoring program, because we know the learning experience is enhanced by students working together. All of the students learn as a class and progress together to complete the course. There are strict weekly homework requirements, as well as opportunities for parents to get involved in the learning process. It is this commitment to collaboration that has given many children new found confidence to tackle questions that initially seemed to them 'impossible.'

Take a peek inside our classrooms

Catch the spirit as we change the equation for bright minds across North America!


Recent News

Plano (Dallas, TX) and Vestavia (Birmingham, AL) campuses are open and accepting registrations!

Our new Richmond Hill Campus is NOW OPEN!

11-03-2014 - Announcing our brand new location in Richmond Hill. All the renovations are complete and our beautiful new campus is now up and running. For students who went to Richmond Hill United Church please note your classes have moved to our new location at 9325 Yonge St. ( at Yonge and 16th). Click here for more information.

Spot Spirit of Math on the TTC!

10-20-2014 - Did you see one of our problems on the TTC? Get stumped trying to solve it? Look no further we have the full solutions here for you! Challenge - see if you can spot them all on the TTC and send us your pictures on Twitter @spiritofmath.

Congratulations to Kim Langen, on being a Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist!

10-17-2014 - We would just like to take a moment to congratulate Kim Langen on being nominated as a Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Here contributions and dedication has undoubtedly been the driving force behind the growth of Spirit of Math. Click here to see a copy of the finalist magazine.

Register Now for a Parent Session in Your Area!

10-09-2014 - Presented by Kimberley Langen, Co-founder and CEO of Spirit of Math. Learn how you can help by working with your high-performing child at home. Interested in learning more about Spirit of Math and how our program can help take your child from the top of the class to the top of the world then come join us for an exclusive Parent Preview.  To find an event near you click here.

Spirit of Math Video Contest Winner has been chosen!

09-23-2014 - After much debate and long hours of judging we can finally reveal our Video Contest Winner for 2014! We would like to congratulate Jessica from our Vancouver West Campus on winning the Grand Prize. She did an excellent job as did all the student participants. Click here to see the full results.

UPDATED - Congratulations to our Students!

07-15-2014 - This year we had 1440 placements on the National Mathematics Honour Roll. Click here for a full list of students names. This year we will be printing in the National Post on September 6, 2014 in the National edition. Don't forget to pick up your copy!


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