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Spirit of Math Summer camps!

July and August, 2023

When it comes to making your child’s summer count, a Spirit of Math summer camp is a fantastic way to keep them engaged in learning and help prepare them for the upcoming school year. Spirit of Math offers rich and exciting summer camps both Online and In person for children entering Grades 2-9.

Summer Camps 2023
Forest Hill

259 Eglinton Ave W,
Toronto, ON M4R 1B1

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109 Vanderhoof Ave
Toronto – M4G 2H7 ON

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9135 Keele Street Unit B3/B4,
Vaughan L4K 0J4 ON

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169 Willowdale Avenue
North York, ON

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Don Mills

73 Underhill Drive, North York
Toronto M3A 2J8 ON

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800 Steeles Avenue West, Unit B18
Thornhill – L4J 7L2 ON

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Markham East

9293 Markham Rd., Unit #5
Markham L6E 1A3 ON

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Markham West

50 Mcintosh Drive, Unit 225
Markham- L3R 9T3 ON

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130 Mulock Drive, Unit 1
Newmarket L3Y 7C5 ON

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1002 Beaverbrook Rd.,
Kanata – K2K 1L1 ON

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Richmond Hill Central

9325 Yonge St., Units 24-26
Richmond Hill – L4C 0A8 ON

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Richmond Hill North

Units 2-4, 563 Edward Ave
Richmond Hil – L4C 9W7 ON

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690 Dorval Dr., Unit 125
Oakville L6K 3W7 ON

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Mississauga West

2170 Dunwin Dr., Unit 1
Mississauga L5L 5M8 ON

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Calgary North

Vivo for Healthier Generations, 11950
Country Village Link NE, Calgary AB T3K 6E3, Canada

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Calgary South

Glenmore Christian Academy, 16520 –
24th Street SW, Calgary AB T2Y 4W2

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#224 – 2211 W. 4th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6K 1N9

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West Vancouver

2446 Haywood Avenue,
Vancouver BC V7V 1Y2

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Virtual Online Campus

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Camp Offerings

Grades 2 to 3

Basic Skills & Problem Solving I

This program is primarily intended for students entering grades 2 and 3 who want a “refresher” before school starts. It is also ideal for new students who would like to experience the Spirit of Math classroom, or establish some skills before starting the school-year evening classes. Content includes addition and multiplication drills, number theory topics such as regrouping and mental math, and problem solving topics such as consecutive number problems, counting shapes, date problems, cuts and pieces, and integers.

Graphing & Discovering Patterns

How can you explain an exact location in space? Students will learn how the Cartesian axes are used to describe a location in space, then plot points and make drawings in all four quadrants. This program also introduces students to the Tower of Hanoi, patterns in circle chords, and finally the Fibonacci sequence. Drills and several mPODs® (Math Problem of the Day) will be done each day. This program is for students entering grade 2 or 3 in the coming school year.

Grades 4 to 6

Basic Skills & Problem Solving II

This program is primarily intended for students entering grade 4, 5 or 6 who want a “refresher” before school starts. It is also ideal for new students who would like to experience the Spirit of Math classroom or establish some skills before starting the school-year evening classes. Content includes integer addition and multiplication drills, number theory topics such as relocation, integers, primes, divisibility rules, lowest common multiples, and a large variety of problem-solving topics, including Venn diagrams and date problems.

Golden Ratio and Contest Prep

The Golden Ratio was so pleasing to the eye that at one time in history it even became a “decree absolute” for the rules governing the shape and disposition of drawing and paintings, and architecture. Students taking this program will be “discovering” the golden ratio and looking at its implications in nature. Students will also be preparing for the up-coming Mathematica competitions. Drills and several mPODs® (Math Problem of the Day) will also be completed each day. This program is for students entering grades 4, 5 or 6 in the coming school year.

Grade 5

The Spirit of Math grade 5 program is a foundational year when students consolidate their numeracy skills and their understanding of numbers, consequently all the Spirit of Math courses link to this grade. This 1-week program is a very fast overview of the grade 5 program. It is designed for students who have finished the Spirit of Math grade 5 course (who would like to consolidate their understanding), and new students who are entering grades 6, 7 or 8.

Morning topics covered:

  • Relocation Property
  • Signed Numbers
  • Order of Operations
  • Factors, Multiples and Primes
  • Number Sets

Afternoon topics covered:

  • Spirit of Math 10-minute drills and problem solving

Grades 7 to 9


This program, designed for students entering grades 7, 8 and 9, is for the serious student who wants a greater understanding of probability. This course starts with the basics and quickly progresses to high-level probability concepts, including permutations and combinations. This content is not taught during the regular Spirit of Math school year program due to limited time, but is a core topic that students should know. This course also includes daily multiplication drills and competition problem sets.


A thorough investigation of transformations is covered in this course. Translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations will be explored, as well as the combination of the transformations. The program concludes with a competitive rally for students to enjoy. This course is unique to Spirit of Math, having been developed apart from other textbooks. In the past, this course was taught in the evening classes, but has been taken out of the school year program to allow for the addition of new topics in the senior grades.

Summer Camp FAQ's

Our summer programs cover meaningful math concepts and skills, from problem solving to graphing and pattern discovery. This is math enrichment – designed for students who enjoy learning topics outside of the typical school math curriculum with a group of engaged peers. You’ll find a description of each program offered in the section above. 

On average all our online and in-person camps are $300 per week per child. The Grade 5 Refresher summer camp is offered at $500 per week per child as it is a 5.5 hour camp.  

Please contact your campus or email us your request for a refund 7 days before the summer camp is to take place. Refund requests received after this point may not be obliged.

All our in-person camps, (except for grade 5 refresher) are week-long (Monday -Friday) and run for a duration of 3 hours each day.  The grade 5 refresher camp runs for 5.5 hours each day for a week.

Our online camps, (except for grade 5 refresher), are 2 weeks-long (Monday -Friday) and run for a duration of 1.5 hours each day.  The online grade 5 Refresher camp is 2.75 hours each day for two weeks.



Spirit of Math’s in-person and online summer camps are both based on our unique curriculum for students entering grades 2 to 9. There is no difference between our in-person or online approach to teaching mathematic topics.

The only difference between online and in-person camps is the duration. Online camps are 1.5 hours shorter than the in-person camps and spread across 2 weeks. This consideration was taken keeping in mind limiting screen time for younger kids.



Spirit of Math’s online summer camps are open to students around the globe as camp schedules are created keeping various time zones in consideration.

Our online campers should have at least a 1.5 Mbps Internet speed as a minimum requirement.

Once you have completed the registration and payment process for an online camp. A Microsoft Team’s link, in addition to instructions on how to join the online camp will be shared with you a few days prior to when the camp starts.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at 416-223-1985 (ext.0) or send an email. 

Our summer programs are ideal for both Spirit of Math students and those not enrolled in Spirit of Math. In fact, it is a great way to give students exposure to our approach to mathematics.

If you have questions or need assistance with summer camp registration, please feel free to reach us at 416-223-1985 (ext.110) or send an email to us.

Check the campus-specific information, but most offer programs for participants in grades 2-3 and 4-6. Some locations also have programs for grades 7-9.

Fully qualified Spirit of Math teachers (each of whom has a university degree and has completed a 100-hour training program with us) run our online and in-person summer camp programs. These are the same teachers who lead our school year programs.

No! We welcome everyone the opportunity to register in a camp of your choice. You will find a range of math loving, bright and gifted children in our programs. This can be a great way to help your child find peers with similar interests and to make new friends.

For our in-person camps, we ask all parents to send only nut-free snacks and (for full day programs) lunches.

Yes! We give homework to students to keep their brains stimulated during camp week. The homework is not extremely intensive.  


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