Top 3 Tips to Help Your Kids Continue Learning at Home

  1. Set up a location in your home that has minimal distractions to you, and at the same time is very quickly and easily accessible to you. Think about your children: do they need to be at the kitchen table, or in a quiet room? What will give them the best success? This space needs to have a desk, or table, and you must ensure that you have all the resources and materials available to them for them to be able to learn. This includes pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, paper, binders, etc. that allow them to write their ideas and their learnings. If they are doing online learning, then you must ensure that they have the proper technical requirements including network bandwidth, computers, monitors, keyboards, pens etc., and even a printer.
  2. Set a routine and be part of that routine. This includes setting times of the day for learning, eating and having breaks. Routines can also include online time with other students. You may want to set up a circular school, where one parent teaches one subject, then the students move onto another subject with another parent online, and they circle back to the original parent the next day. Focus on the routine.
  3. Teach your kids how to organize all their work. The main difference between a B+ and A student is that the A, or A+ student understands how to organize their papers and their thoughts. Take this opportunity to help them develop this skill.