The Importance of Starting STEM Early

  1. The reality is that your child’s future will be based on technology. It will be a very rare job that does not integrate technology in some manner, and it will be an even more unusual everyday life where a person doesn’t use technology. It is much easier on any person to start life with the norms for their future, as children learn those norms as part of their lives. When children are learning STEM early in their lives, then it becomes a norm, rather than something hard and different to do.
  2. All technology is based on mathematics and mathematics isn’t just about calculations: it is about a way to think with logic and precision that is mandatory for all STEM jobs of the future.
  3. Design thinking uses technology, and for those students who are more creative, understanding how to use technology will be critical. If your child learns how to use technology when they are young, and develop logical thinking, then the integration of technology with their creativity will come naturally.