Take a Suitcase, Change a Life. Giving Back Adds Up! 

Spirit of Math believes in giving back to the community. Travelling is a great way to stray from the beaten path and find the friendly faces of small communities in need. Spirit of Math would encourage everyone to take the first step to help others when you travel next. On your next vacation, bring a suitcase of medical supplies, meet amazing local doctors and nurses, and give back to those who give so much to tourists. Love – it’s what Not Just Tourists is all about!

Not Just Tourists (NJT) is an organization that diverts thousands of pounds of perfectly good medical supplies that would otherwise end up in landfills, packs them in donated suitcases, and seeks out travellers to deliver them on their next trip to a developing nation. NJT is non-political, non-religiously affiliated, non-funded, and entirely run by dedicated volunteers. By taking a suitcase, tourists are given the means to go above and beyond on their vacation, and give back what is so desperately needed. Be more than just a tourist, be a humanitarian! 

Learn more about Not Just Tourists at https://notjusttourists.com/