Spirit of Math classes move online! – A community update

March 16, 2020

Dear Spirit of Math Community,

This is an update to my earlier message about COVID-19 and Spirit of Math classes sent on Friday 13th March 2020. All Spirit of Math, Spirit of English and Spirit of Technology classes were originally scheduled to continue in-person after March Break (i.e. Sunday, 22 March 2020). However after March Break,ALL classes for Spirit of Math, Spirit of English, and Spirit of Technology will now be conducted ONLINE until further notice. There will be no in-person classes at Spirit of Math campuses.

In order for families and students to avail online classes, we are creating “Microsoft Office 365” student accounts for all students and will conduct classes online using the “Microsoft Teams” platform.Microsoft Teams accounts for students will be rolling out this week, prior to the weekend, so please keep an eye on your Inbox (or your Junk Mail folder) for a welcome message with your student’s email address and temporary password. The email address will contain their Student ID (e.g.123456@spiritofmath.com).
More information about logging in and about using Microsoft Teams will be provided when the accounts are created.

For younger students in SK- Gr 3 who may not be comfortable using technology, it is important that parents/guardians attend the online classes with the students.

Essential training and support videos for parents/guardians will be made available via Brightspace. Parents/Guardians, please ensure that you have logged in to your students Brightspace account. In case you have not logged in or are unable to login to Brightspace, please contact your Campus Director/Principal.

Your Principal or Campus Director, along with your student’s teacher will have more information for you later this week, as we are in the process of transitioning from in-person to online lessons.

All students should still have student handouts for the next week or two. If you are missing handouts, please contact your teacher. Once classes begin online, we will make arrangements for you to pick up your student handouts from your teacher or Campus staff at your campus location. If some of those locations remain closed (i.e. if it’s in a church, private school, or community centre), your Spirit of Math Campus Owners, Campus Directors, or Teachers will be contacting you with alternative arrangements.

We will do our best to provide daily updates to keep you informed

Very sincerely,

Kim Langen

CEO, Spirit of Math