Spirit of Math Back to School Plan 2020-2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please watch Kim Langen’s video message in which she explains in detail how we are rolling out our In-Person, Onsite classes in the coming school year starting the week of Aug 30th, 2020. We will be making another announcement in a few days about the online options that will available to you.

Please click on any link below to view a specific topic of interest in Kim’s video message:

[0:00] Going Back to School

[0:16] In-Person or Virtual?

[1:24] In-Person, Onsite Classes

[3:22] First Class

[5:00] Blended Classes (Flip Flop Model)

[6:52] Recap: What to Expect

[8:30] Virtual, Online Classes

We take great pride in providing a global standard of excellence in education to all our students and the safety, health and comfort of our students, teachers and campus staff alike remains our top priority.

Registration Fall 2020-21 Now Open! In-person | Online Virtual Classes.To submit your inquiries please click on the link here.