Grade 2- 4 Math Drill Book (Level 2)

Grade 2- 4 Math Drill Book (Level 2)
Level 2 drill books contain the following types of drills:
  • Skip Counting (by 2s, 5s, and 10s)
  • Regrouping (adding sums of 20 and 50)
  • Short Addition (up to 2-digits by 2-digits)
  • Integer Addition (1-digit by 1-digit)
  • Super Speed Addition (1-digit numbers)
  • Short Multiplication (up to 2-digits by 1-digit)
  • Short Division (1-digit by 1-digit)
Level 2 drills provide a bit more flexibility than the Level 1 drills, working with a greater variety of digits while still establishing a foundation for numerical fluency. The Level 2 drill book also introduces division to reinforce concepts related to subtraction and multiplication. Suitable for Grades 2-4. Buy Now