Grades 1-4, Are you ready for a challenge?

When Maki, Sammy and John work together they can paint one house in three hours. How long would it take them to paint 9 houses? If you know the answer, you’ve got what it takes to compete in a Spirit of Math contest! Open to students in Grades 1 to 4, our contests give your high-performing child a chance to apply their knowledge and see how their peers approach complex problems from different angles. These contests are put together by our dedicated teachers and are open to all students, including those not currently enrolled in the SMS program. Our contests kick off on Feb. 25 and run until March 3, so get in touch with your campus director to learn more and to get started! A small contest entry fee of $10 applies. Please note, we are proud to offer our annual math contest for all Spirit of Math students during their regular class time (no additional fee required for current Spirit of Math students).

For more information about our Spirit of Math contest and other competitions offered throughout Canada, check out our Math Contests page!