Celebrating 10 Years!

This year the Richmond Hill, Markham West, and Mississauga West campuses are celebrating their 10-year anniversaries! It is hard to believe it’s been ten years already, and it’s been wonderful to watch the students grow throughout that time. Looking back on the last ten years, it’s amazing to see students who were in Grade 1 when the campus first opened, and who are now in Grade 10, some of them working as assistant teachers and preparing for university in a few years. We would like to thank all students, parents, and teachers for making the last ten years so wonderful and full of learning.

To celebrate this milestone, we are creating commemorative yearbooks specifically for Richmond Hill (Central and North), Markham West, and Mississauga West. Ask your campus for an order form, or place your order online at :


We look forward to celebrating another ten years with you!