A BIG Thank you to the Spirit of Math Community

15th January, 2021 – We would like to thank and congratulate students, parents and the Spirit of Math staff involved, for the successful completion of the University of Toronto Schools (UTS) Preparation Day workshop. This is an annual event in which Spirit of Math holds a math and interview skills preparatory day for grade 6 Spirit of Math and non-Spirit of Math students entering the second round of interviews for the UTS School.
We wish all participating students the best of luck during the admission process. Spirit of Math teachers, staff and behind-the-scenes team that willingly donate their time on a voluntary basis for this workshop. All fees collected from this workshop is donated to Hand Up Toronto. Hand Up is a charity serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since 2014, striving towards a society where all individuals have access to nourishment, regardless of resources.
This year, we will be donating $17,226 to Hand Up Toronto. This donation from the Spirit of Math community will in some part help feeds 576 families of 4 for a month. Handouts given to families in need include 20 lbs worth of dried goods, hygiene products and masks as well. To find out more about the wonderful work being done by Hand Up Toronto and how you can get involved, please click here.