Grade 4-6 Math Drill Book (Level 4)

Grade 4-6 Math Drill Book (Level 4)
Level 4 drill books contain the following types of drills:
  • Regrouping (adding sums of 100)
  • Short Addition (up to 3-digits by 2-digits)
  • Integer Addition (up to 2-digits by 2-digits)
  • Super Speed Addition (2-digit numbers)
  • Short Multiplication (up to 2-digits by 1-digit)
  • Integer Multiplication (2-digits by 1-digit)
  • Short Division (2-digits by 1-digit)
  • Long Multiplication (3-digits by 2-digits)
  • Long Division (3-digit by 1-digit)
Level 4 drills continue to build upon the skills developed from previous levels while introducing some new ideas. Integer Multiplication is introduced to expand on students’ knowledge of working with integers. Long Division is also introduced at this level to prepare students for dividing larger numbers in future grades. Suitable for Grades 4-6. Buy Now