Our Teachers

Spirit of Math  is always looking for passionate high performing teachers who not only love teaching but also love learning math to join our dynamic team.

Before teachers are accepted into Spirit of Math, they must participate in a hiring and training process that develops and tests their understanding of mathematics, their attitude about learning and teaching, and their interpersonal skills. In addition to the pre-screening interview and in-class evaluations, Spirit of Math teachers must pass a two-part Spirit of Math mathematics and pedagogy course with a commitment of approximately 80 hours. Teachers are continuously monitored and supported throughout their time with Spirit of Math.*

Teachers for Spirit of English and Spirit of Technology must also participate in an intensive screening and hiring process, followed by training.

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Our Recruiting Process

The Screening Process

From the very start, Spirit of Math focuses on ensuring that candidates have the potential to be “top of the nation” in their teaching. There are six distinct parts to the screening process:

  1. Analysis of the resume and cover letter. All candidates must have a university degree. Those teaching in grades 5 and up must have a degree in mathematics, or an area that requires advanced mathematics such as physics, engineering, etc.
  2. Shortlisted candidates are contacted for an initial phone interview.
  3. Successful phone interview candidates are sent math problems specific to the grade level for which they are applying, and a 15-minute lesson to prepare to teach.
  4. These candidates present their lessons in a group interview setting and share feedback.
  5. Those who pass step #4 are asked to return and re-teach the lesson and make corrections to improve on their lesson.
  6. The last stage is a traditional interview.

New Teacher Training

Because teachers are the backbone of the program, we take their learning just as seriously as our students’ education. Those teachers who are offered a position with Spirit of Math complete a comprehensive two-part training program.

Stage 1: Pre-Training (Independent Learning)

All new teachers begin by completing the Spirit of Math core curriculum for grade 5 and the foundations of problem solving from grades 1 to 4. This is done through a blended on-line/independent course. Pre-training teachers are assessed on a variety of assignments and supported throughout their learning process with feedback to help them to think conceptually. Upon arrival at in-class training, they are tested on their knowledge of the pre-training material and their ability to apply the mathematics. It takes between 40 and 60 hours to complete all the pre-training requirements.

Stage 2: In-Class Training

The week-long, in-class training session consists of a combination of theory and practice so that teachers are not simply memorizing best practices but are testing their understanding in a collaborative environment. Participants practice-teach in front of their peers and Spirit of Math trainers, receiving feedback throughout the process. Many participants have remarked that they learned more in this one week of training than in an entire year of Teacher’s College.

Topics include:

  • Conceptual linking
  • Developing a sense of discovery
  • Optimizing group work
  • Strategies for marking
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom set-up
  • Working with high-performing and gifted students

Passing the Fundamentals of Teaching Mathematics course is a prerequisite for teaching with Spirit of Math.

Maintaining Standards

Spirit of Math is committed to maintaining our standards of teaching excellence:

  • Multi-Level Support – All Spirit of Math teachers are supported by their local Campus Director, as well as dedicated Training and Curriculum departments.
  • Professional Development – We provide on-campus professional development sessions covering topics such as connecting with students, writing effective report card comments, and parent communication.
  • Grade-Specific Meetings –Teachers participate in grade-specific meetings, asking questions and sharing knowledge with their peers—including master teachers who have been with Spirit of Math for several years. In addition, they discuss upcoming assignments and material to determine best practices to use for presenting the materials.
  • Annual Conference – At the Spirit of Math Annual Conference, teachers spend a full day immersed in discussions and presentations of key ideas, strategies for supporting their students, and ways to further develop their own mathematical reasoning.
  • Ongoing Evaluation – Getting regular feedback is essential to ensure our high standards of teaching. Classroom evaluations are the norm and are conducted by the Campus Director, fellow teachers, and the training department. Video recording and discussion is one of the tools used to help even the most talented teachers continually improve. Teachers also take yearly content tests for the grades they are teaching and complete Spirit of Math drills.

* Spirit of Math is compliant with AODA and is committed to accessibility at all stages of the recruitment and training process and to maintaining an accessible workplace.

To learn more or to request accommodations, please contact Human Resources at jobs@spiritofmath.com or 416-223-1985 x 14