Open House (Virtual Online)

An online open house at our virtual online campuses is a great opportunity to learn more about our full year online class offerings. You will have the opportunity to review our curriculum, meet teachers and learn about the benefits of a Spirit of Math education. You can review course materials for the grades you are interested in and ask questions you have about the online campus and program. Students are welcome to attend with their parents and we request you keep your child’s most recent report card handy, we can even schedule an acceptance interview between your child and the campus principal while you are attending the online open house. (All students are interviewed prior to acceptance into the program.)

For more information regarding our program,  please contact the virtual online campus listed below. Looking forward to seeing you at the virtual online open house.

Book an Open House : Virtual Online Classes

Fibonacci Virtual Campus

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Newmarket Virtual Campus

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Open House for our In Person Classes

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