Empowering Learning:

Through the Effective Use of Drills

Experience the power of the Spirit of Math Drill App, offering a seamless transition from our renowned Drill Book Series. Elevate your numeracy skills, precision, and speed with drills spanning Levels 1-7, all at your fingertips.

Each drill is precisely timed, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, tailored to challenge and refine your child’s abilities. Instant score results are available, meticulously tracking your progress and achievements with every session to reach your goal.

The Drill App will have the capability to share your journey with multiple users, fostering friendly competition and individual growth.

Now accessing the Drill App will be easier than ever before and accessible from an Apple iPad at any time.

Time to sharpen skills and unlock your full potential – fun for everyone!

[The drills] get them started in the morning – like a jump start to thinking. The skills are also important ones to learn. … I feel that they [my students] can compute better mentally. It has given them something to strive for (better results, better times).

Grade 4/5 Teacher Toronto, ON

My daughter has been a Spirit of Math student since Grade 2. She is now in Grade 7. The experience and education she receives at this program has blown us away. For a girl to love being called “the human calculator” or “math geek” is a testament to the confidence and skills she has gained through this program. She is talking about pursuing a math/science program in high school and loves the challenging work she receives.

Parent of Grade 7 Student ON

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Key Outcomes

Commonly noted by parents and teachers for students who engage in these drills:

Develops numeracy beyond mere number facts

Boosts estimation skills

Heightens focus ability

Enhances accuracy in calculations, facilitating better grasp of concepts

Builds self-confidence and diminishes math anxiety

Solve problems more easily by enabling conceptual understanding over numerical hurdles

Looking Back at Drills

Spirit of Math multiplication and division drills were initially birthed in a grade 7 classroom out of necessity when Charles Ledger realized that students were not fluent in basic arithmetic computation. Consequently, it was difficult for his students to understand new concepts and for them to move quickly through the curriculum. His focus was to develop challenging drills that had a fast pace, a specific and quantifiable goal, and consequently, drills that were fun – not tedious.

These drills alone were so successful as a teaching tool that Charle’s wife, Gwen and their daughter Kim developed the drills further, to meet the needs of students in the younger grades. Seeing the evidence of incredible changes in students, the Spirit of Math team has added onto the drills, introducing a variety of experiences.