World Partnership Walk!

Spirit of Math had a great time at the Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk this year! On Sunday May 29th, over 100 SMS teachers, parents, students, families and staff came out to walk the streets of downtown Toronto and raise money to end global poverty. World Partnership Walk events also took place in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and Calgary. The walk raised money for development projects in impoverished communities in Africa and Asia. Around 7, 000 people registered to take part in this year’s event.

Our goal was to be the largest team there and we succeeded! We made a big splash in our neon green t-shirts, which were given free to all participating SMS parents and students by Kim & Darrin Langen. People from other teams approached us all day to find out who we are and what Spirit of Math is all about!

Thousands of people took part in the five-kilometer walk that began at Metro Hall in David Pecaut Square and continued along to Queen’s Park and across University Avenue before circling pack to the starting point. Teams also took part in games and fun events before the walk such as face painting, the sack race, and the tug-of-war, which was won by the Spirit of Math team!

Being the largest team there wasn’t our only goal – we raised over $10, 000 to support Aga Khan initiatives around the world! Thank you to everyone who walked and donated, and we look forward to setting (and surpassing) even higher goals for next year’s World Partnership Walk!