Releasing the Genius in Pakistan: A Meeting of Great Minds & Great Ideas

On October 18, 2018, the Spirit of Math team led by CEO & Co-founder Ms. Kimberley Langen hosted a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan. Among prominent educationists, key decision makers in education, business owners, private school owners and principals, the Honourable Minister for Education Punjab, Dr. Murad Raas was in attendance.

A Collaborative Ideation Session

After speaking about the vital nature of unleashing innovation and imagination as drivers for development of students in the leaders of tomorrow’s Pakistan, Kimberley Langen moderated a collaborative ideation session. All attendees, including the Minister, engaged in thoughtful discussion around key questions about the present and future aspirational states of education in Pakistan. They contributed ideas compiled and presented in the form of a “white paper” to Dr. Murad Raas.

Spirit of Math Welcomed with Open Arms in Pakistan

Investment in children is an investment for our future generations as “Our students are a symbol of bright future of Pakistan” said Dr. Raas at the Spirit of Math Conference in Lahore, Pakistan.

Addressing the audience, former Minister of Education Punjab, Mian Imran Masood lauded Spirit of Math and thanked them for the incredible effort. He warmly greeted Kimberley Langen, CEO & Co-founder of Spirit of Math, and expressed keen interest and desire to collaborate with her team.

Dr. Raas will follow up with further discussions with Spirit of Math and develop an action plan. “In this regard, the Punjab government is paying special attention to educational research and qualitative approach has been employed so that students could continuously improve their knowledge and remain aware of new educational challenges arising around them,” he said. As part of the Spirit of Math initiative, they will be introducing the grades 1 to 4 Spirit of Math Contests to find talent in as many schools as possible across the province and exploring the possibilities of teacher training conducted by Spirit of Math.

As a conclusion, Dr. Raas endorsed Spirit of Math and indicated he would like to see Spirit of Math grow from 4 campuses to 4,000 campuses in Punjab.