Regent’s Summer Camp

Over the month of July, Spirit of Math students from Canada and Pakistan went on a one-week long trip to London, England where they enjoyed challenging math and daily tours. This abroad experience was hosted at Regent’s University London, located within the beautiful Regent’s Park for students in grades 3-6. The students, along with their parents (and some siblings), not only attended class in Regent’s University London classrooms, but also stayed right on campus in the University’s residence. This gave them easy access to the classes, food on site, Regent’s Park gardens and made it extremely accessible for them to tour central London on their own by foot, or tube!

Daily activities began with an engaging math-focused class each morning. The curriculum for these classes were specifically designed to be more hands on, by using the reasoning and logic of mathematics to spark each child’s creativity through either tiles and tessellations or problem solving and 3D shapes (depending on grade level). Students began recognizing how math is present everywhere they go, from identifying multiple types of tessellations in architecture, to using shadows for figuring out the heights of trees.

The morning portion was then followed by an afternoon of daily outings, where the students and their parents explored various aspects of London’s culture, architecture, famous landmarks, museums and history. Each day was a diverse experience that tapped into the high-achieving students’ other interests, leading them to discover more about each other that stretched beyond the classroom engaging in more than just math. Giving the student’s the opportunity to be around like-minded peers, while discovering a new country, led to an energy packed week full of fun and new experiences.

Due to high interest, we will be hosting another week-long abroad experience in a new country for July 2019. If you are interested in having your children join this, an announcement will go out mid fall 2018 as soon as the location has been confirmed!