Training for Schools


Spirit of Math works collaboratively with day schools in four areas:

  1. Educator Professional Development for math teachers and administrators
  2. Fun and educational on-site Student Workshops
  3. Parent Workshops for schools to offer to their community
  4. Spirit of Math Publications for classroom use, including a complete series of Drills, Math Problem Solving, and Contest Prep workbooks

Educator Professional Development

Spirit of Math’s formal teacher training program dates back to 2007. Since then we’ve trained hundreds of teachers in our methods. More recently, we’ve expanded this aspect of our business to include on-site and hybrid (in-person/online) professional development programs for teachers at leading private schools, as well as public school boards and individual institutions.

Our programs range from half-day workshops to year-long collaborative partnerships designed to strengthen the math teaching skills of an entire school board or district.

Spirit of Math offers workshops for teachers and administrators, which we’ve designed for on-site delivery, as part of ongoing professional development. Some of our most popular programs include:

The Relocation Property™

The Key to Strengthening Students’ Numeracy Skills in Pre-Algebra
Suitable for those teaching grades 3 through 7

Spirit of Math Drills Workshop

How to Develop Fluency in Number Facts
Suitable for those teaching grades 1 through 7

Mental Math Level 1

A fun and interactive session.
Quick, in your head, without pausing or writing anything down: what is 9 times 9 plus 10 times 11 subtract 2 divided by 37 times 3 subtract 11 divided by 7 and add 3?

Working with Bright Students in the Regular Classroom

Identifying Needs and Engaging Bright Minds
Suitable for teachers of all grades.