After School Math Classes

There are many tutoring services and worksheet-based programs for students who are struggling with math. But what about those students who are high-performing or gifted, yearning to learn more? Spirit of Math challenges these students in grades K-11, introducing them to important math concepts and giving them the foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics.

Kindergarten Curriculum

One-hour and 15-minutes fast-paced classes with many different activities.

Grade 1 Math Curriculum

Lays the early-years foundation in mathematics

Grade 2 Math Curriculum

Introduces many mathematical concepts and packed with new learning

Grade 3 Math Curriculum

Continues to lay the foundation for mathematical thinking in the early years

Grade 4 Math Curriculum

The Grade 4 curriculum prepares students for middle school

Grade 5 Math Curriculum

A critical foundation in mathematics

Grade 6 Math Curriculum

Filled with new learning and the weekly 1.5-hour class is fast-paced.

Grade 7 Math Curriculum

A focus on problem solving through 12 topics

Grade 8 Math Curriculum

Radicals, exponents, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, linear relations and more.

Grade 9 Math Curriculum

Begins a rigorous 3-year senior curriculum review in Spirit of Math.

Grade 10 Math Curriculum

Continues to prepare students for post-secondary success.

Grade 11 Math Curriculum

The final and graduating year for Spirit of Math.

Virtual Online Courses

We are pleased to introduce our NEW Global Virtual Courses Division. All courses will be taught by our Canadian teachers. These courses are designed for the virtual experience, addressing the needs of high performers and those looking for more help with math. Students from all over the world are welcome to enrol and benefit from these exciting, online teacher-led classes and lessons.