The leader in Math enrichment in Canada


Spirit of Math works collaboratively with day schools in four areas:
1. Educator Professional Development for math teachers and administrators
2. Fun and educational on-site Student Workshops
3. Parent Workshops for schools to offer to their community
4. Spirit of Math Publications for classroom use, including a complete series of Drills, Math Problem Solving, and Contest Prep workbooks

Educator Professional Development

Spirit of Math’s formal teacher training program dates back to 2007. Since then we’ve trained hundreds of teachers in our methods. More recently, we’ve expanded this aspect of our business to include on-site and hybrid (in-person/online) professional development programs for teachers at leading private schools, as well as public school boards and individual institutions.
Our programs range from half-day workshops to year-long collaborative partnerships designed to strengthen the math teaching skills of an entire school board or district.


Spirit of Math offers workshops for teachers and administrators, which we’ve designed for on-site delivery, as part of ongoing professional development. Some of our most popular programs include:

The Relocation Property™

The Key to Strengthening Students’ Numeracy Skills in Pre-Algebra

Suitable for those teaching grades 3 through 7

Moving numbers around in your head and breaking them up into smaller parts in order to calculate easier is something that many of us do, but are not formally taught. The Relocation Property does just that. In this three-hour workshop you will be formally taught how to use this property and then to expand on its basic properties to include order of operations. You will discover a method that has helped thousands of students make an easy transition into algebra, and discover the creative patterns in mathematics that are often overlooked.

Spirit of Math Drills Workshop

How to Develop Fluency in Number Facts

Suitable for those teaching grades 1 through 7

The Spirit of Math drill system has been used for over 25 years with exceptional success. It has developed in students a fluency in number facts that goes well beyond the norm. In this workshop you will learn how the Spirit of Math proprietary drill system differs from all the others, and have a chance to do the drills yourself.
These hands-on workshops train teachers how to effectively implement the drill system in their classes, introduce new skill sets needed to complete each drill, and work with parents to ensure that they can support their children.
There are two different workshops: a four-hour workshop to train teachers using the first five grades and a three-hour workshop to train teachers using 6th and 7th grade books. The focus is on the system, and how to conduct these drills in the classroom. You will be taught how students work together to achieve a common class goal, and get a first-hand feel of the excitement that is generated when students see their success.

Conceptual Linking

Helping Students Find Meaning in Problem Solving

Suitable for those teaching grades 1 through 9.

In this workshop, teachers will learn how changing one word in their instruction can make all the difference to their students. One of the most difficult steps for students to make in problem solving is transforming one conceptual understanding into another. In this half-day interactive workshop, teachers will explore how to use basic conceptual linking to help their students understand the applications they examine, as well as how different concepts link together in problem solving.

Mental Math Level 1

A fun and interactive session.

Quick, in your head, without pausing or writing anything down: what is 9 times 9 plus 10 times 11 subtract 2 divided by 37 times 3 subtract 11 divided by 7 and add 3?

How did you do? This is the type of mental math that ends each Spirit of Math after-school class. And the rule is: the class can’t go until someone gets the answer. Usually there are many hands up eager to show their knowledge. The kids love it! This three-hour workshop will teach you the basics of how to do Spirit of Math mental math questions and how to give them to students. This is an interactive session starting with the basics. Come ready to laugh a lot and do some work! (Participants should know their perfect squares up to 202). By the way, did you get 13?

Working with Bright Students in the Regular Classroom

Identifying Needs and Engaging Bright Minds

Suitable for teachers of all grades.

Every child deserves a chance to learn something new. Yet in every class there are usually two or three students who finish their work early and who need a greater challenge. Developing a strong math program for highly motivated and high achieving students in a regular classroom can be a tough job. Rather than getting these kids to help others as a way to keep them busy, you could be giving them a strong program that will meet their needs.
This half-day workshop will take you through a system that will help you identify your needs, explore some resources, then look at specific teaching techniques and types of questions from the successful Spirit of Math program that help these students stay engaged and focused. Be ready to learn and to share your ideas and experiences.