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Spirit of Technology Curriculum Developer & Teacher at Head Office Campus

About this role

About Spirit of Math. With over 30 years of success, Spirit of Math is an innovative leader in after-school mathematics education for high-performing students. Located at more than 40 campuses across Canada. From our after-school classes and campuses to our expanding series of math workbooks and training for educators, Spirit of Math is changing the equation for inquisitive minds around the world.

About Spirit of Technology. Spirit of Technology (SoT) is excited to be creating an all-inclusive technology program for students. Students learn and develop core coding concepts: variables, loops, conditionals and functions. In addition to the typing and syntax drills, scripting exercises and logic problems, we also hold a technology ‘talk’ each week introducing students to different types of technology incorporated into our world today (Green Energy, Biotechnology, Wearables etc.). To develop technology leaders of tomorrow, our students are instilled with a holistic view of how technology is utilized both positively and negatively in our society.

Role Description. The Spirit of Technology (SoT) Curriculum Developer and Teacher coordinates the ongoing development of the curriculum and teaches the courses as needed.

Personal Qualities. This person has a passion for learning, teaching and helping others develop. They take initiative in curriculum development and have an interest in the unique SoT curriculum. They are a life-long learner who aspires to do extra professional development whenever possible. This person possesses strong interpersonal skills and is proactive with an ability to follow through and a keen attention to detail. They are highly professional in all aspects of their behaviour as they act as a role model for others in the organization. This person values working as a member of a team and understands how SoT plays a role in the whole Releasing the Genius system. This person is able to balance multiple, interdependent priorities. This person should be very confident, perceptive, flexible and be able to initiative as needed.

Decision-Making Ability. The person in this role is capable of achieving objectives that could take up to two years to complete.

Skilled Knowledge & Experience. This individual has experience in the education sectors. They have skills and experience coding, working with a variety of technology arenas and is an active member of at least one technology community outside of SoT. They have also acquired a solid understanding of the unique aspects of the Spirit of Math (SoM) approach to learning to be able to apply it to SoT. This role requires someone who is aware of trends of thought in the larger education community and trends in the teaching of technology. They should have knowledge of student learning and how to integrate technology with strong pedagogy. This person should have a high attention to detail and an expertise in instructional design and course development. They must have exceptional interpersonal and relationship management skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills. This role requires comfort and confidence with technology for business use. Specifically, this individual has experience with the administration of learning management systems, using Microsoft Office Suite and should be familiar with or willing to learn the Adobe Creative Suite (particularly Adobe InDesign), Microsoft SharePoint and other online systems. This role requires continuous learning of new technologies and how they interact and impact our society.

Salary Up to $50,000 /year

Spirit of Math is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to equitable hiring, employment and promotion practices.  This position is open to all qualified applicants, including men, women, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, Aboriginal persons and other groups protected by human rights laws. We strive to meet the accommodation needs of persons with disabilities. Applicants are encouraged to make their needs for accommodation known in advance during the application process.

For all applications, please submit your cover letter and resume to jobs@spiritofmath.com.


The SoT Curriculum Developer and Teacher is responsible for:

  • Initiating, coordinating, and supervising projects that relate to the teaching of SoT programs.
  • Contributing to the development of projects and to the development of the materials (e.g., online courses, manuals, booklets, videos) related to SoT programs.
  • Updating the curriculum and programs as needed
  • Ensuring the curriculum, material, equipment, and all other needs are ready before class for each class.
  • Create content for SoT courses as needed.
  • Doing quantitative and qualitative analysis of results that are collected from the classes
  • Researching and working collaboratively to identify potential improvements to the SoT lessons
  • Testing potential improvements to the SoT courses through controlled experiments and pilot sessions
  • Managing online systems used by students
  • Assist in managing contract curriculum writers
  • Assist in selection and testing of new hardware and software required for curriculum
  • Training new SoT Teachers
  • Travel to different campuses to teach
  • Keeping up with and contributing to the professional development of the Education Department.
  • Attending and contributing to the yearly conference.
  • Other tasks as needed.

Educational Requirements

The minimum level of education that is required is a B.A. (or equivalent) and a B.Ed. (or equivalent).

Head Office Campus Address

1446 Don Mills Road (South of York Mills), Suite 101
Toronto - M3B 3N3
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