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Regional Manager at Head Office Campus

About this role

Job Description: The Regional Manager (RM) is the top leadership role for a region of Campus Operations at Spirit of Math reporting directly to the VP Operations.  This position has full accountability for all aspects of ongoing campus operations in their designated region, including Spirit of Math, Spirit of English and Spirit of Technology (online and in-person). All regional employees report within a chain of command that is accountable to the RM. The RM coordinates and directs general campus operations within their region to include talent management for Campus Principals, track regional success metrics, execute regional expansion for new campus units, coordinate support departments with the campuses and coordinate regional logistics, community marketing and regional student sales. They support the VP Operations with regional planning, budgeting, recruiting, personnel development, safety, and all other general regional campus activities. The RM is also responsible for implementing all strategic regional campus initiatives for the region in conjunction with the sales, research and development, business systems and education systems departments.


This position reports to the Vice President of Operations and is responsible for:

Strategic Planning

  • Work with VP Operations and communicate campus organization success to all regional campus employees
  • Stay abreast of regional industry trends and anticipate the future impact. Discuss with the VP Operations to make suggested changes to strategy if warranted
  • Create annual regional plans that support the strategic direction set by the VP Operations and correlates with annual regional operating budgets
  • Submit annual plans (strategic, budget, capital expenditures, etc.) to the VP Operations for approval
  • Collaborate with the VP Operations to execute the region’s operational vision and to develop strategies for achieving success in their region
  • Develop and monitor strategies for meeting long-term regional financial goals
  • Develop future leadership within the region

Education Standards Management

  • Create teams in every campus that score top of the contest honour rolls
  • Evaluate all teachers as stated in the Operations Manual and help to coordinate inspections and audits as required. Present the inspections and audits so that the educational standards can be maintained
  • Ensure all company education policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Randomly monitor student work, marking of student work, results from testing, drills and homework submission and provide formal reports to the VP Operations
  • Ensure all Principals are receiving talent development from all the different departments and help HR create a professional career path for each Principal

School Operations Management

  • Ensure every campus is running efficiently at an operational global standard
  • Oversee all regional operations of the organization and ensures they are operating on strategy and according to plan
  • Assist in creating and maintaining procedures for implementing strategic and/or operating plans approved by the VP Operations and subsequently monitors for performance/compliance
  • Collect and analyze evaluation information that measures the success of the operations and refines or changes operating plans in response
  • Motivate employees to stay on strategy, and to high educational standards at all times
  • Promote a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages excellent performance, and rewards productivity
  • Define monthly, quarterly, and annual expectations of Campus Principals and create a mechanism or process to evaluate individual performance on a regular basis
  • Ensure that the management team and employees have the resources necessary to do their job at peak performance
  • Define the roles and responsibilities for all operations management – has operations management do the same for their key employees
  • Ensure the IT infrastructure for their region is up and going properly with all students and teachers registered into the proper classes

HR Management

  • Attract, develop and retain world class talent
  • Help HR with recruitment strategies for their region
  • Monitor the job postings for their region and helps with recruitment at recruitment fairs
  • Hire, manage, and terminate Campus Principals
  • Select and allocate the Campus Principals for the Campus Circles
  • Select and allocate Team Leads for the Campus Circles
  • Work with other departments to ensure that regional employee development activities and programs are created and maintained
  • Be knowledgeable of the minimum requirements and expectations within each position
  • Ensure current employees are properly classified according to their responsibilities, pay scale, and qualifications and the requirements of their job description.
  • Direct a program with employee evaluation and development to bring employees up to the expectations of each position in their region
  • Ensure that each employee is given a formal annual evaluation and a 360 in their region. An evaluation should be scheduled with the employee and their direct manager
  • Ensure that all employees in their region have the IT expertise to do their job well and work with Circle Team Leads to create an ongoing IT development program
  • Work with the HR department to ensure that all company policies and procedures are documented and available to regional employees
  • Create a safe work environment for all operations employees
  • Distribute the Employee Handbook and ensures that every regional employee has signed-off
  • Ensure all HR-related training and compliances are maintained for their region

Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience Management

  • Create an incredible student and parent experience that will attract so many people that there will be waiting lists in every grade
  • Work with their Campus Circle Leads to identify new customer prospects and strategies and report to the VP Operations
  • Create report generated from the Campus Circle Team Leads marketing report to communicate all pertinent customer information and developments to the VP Operations

Business and Risk Management

  • Work with Campus Circle Team leads to identify and manage their Campus Circle revenue sources (tuition, swag sales, material sales, etc.), associated expenses, and their respective contribution margins
  • Ensure there are failsafe policies in place to prevent against employee theft, or cash leakage from unauthorized expenses for their region
  • Follow the company policies to prevent against campus data security breaches or leakage in their region
  • Manage the costs and expenses of the region, adjusting Circle budgets as needed
  • Monitor and approve all Campus Circle costs and expenses
  • Oversee Campus Circles in developing annual budgets that support strategic plans and submits budgets for the VP Operations approval
  • Manage the regional operations’ resources within budget guidelines and prudently anticipate missteps along the way without compromising covenant compliance or cash shortages
  • Conduct regular reviews of each Campus Circle financials with Campus Circle Team leads to discuss with the VP Operations for the region’s financial position
  • Identify the important financial metrics of the Campus Circles and incorporates into a regular dashboard or flash report for VP Operations
  • Uphold and enforce all Company safety policies and ensures compliance with the rules and regulations of Federal and Provincial departments of Occupational Safety and Health. The RM will work directly with the Circle Team leads to ensure all policies are in place in their regional campuses and effectively managed.
  • Be compliance with all Federal and provincial and Operations Manual child mental and physical safety mandates
  • Ensure that all legal and regulatory documents for the region are organized, accurate and current
  • Ensure all licenses, permits, etc. are current

Facility Management

  • Ensure every campus is kept up to standards and branded properly
  • Work with Campus Circle Team Leads to identify changes that are needed for the regional facility brand experience
  • Help to create and enforce company policies to maintain the campus(es)
  • Help to create and enforce company policies to prevent against safety concerns
  • Monitor the costs and expenses of all the facilities in the Region
  • Monitor and approve all regional facility costs and expenses
  • Responsible for compliance with all Federal and provincial mandates
  • Ensure that all legal and regulatory documents for the Region are organized, accurate and current
  • Ensure all licenses, permits, etc. are current

Educational Requirements

A degree from a recognized university is required. A graduate degree in business or education administration is an asset, but not necessary.

Head Office Campus Address

1446 Don Mills Road (South of York Mills), Suite 101
Toronto - M3B 3N3
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