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Contest Coordinator at Headquarters Campus

About this role


Personal Qualities:

This individual is an independent worker with the ability to manage a diverse team in distant areas and can work well under some pressure. They are good at communicating in a demonstrative instructional way and multitasking.
They are task and detail oriented with a natural sense of seeing what needs to be done and approaches problems with logic and objectivity. This person has ingenuity and is process-driven with the ability to coordinate systems and processes.
This individual is highly organized and possesses strong planning capabilities. They are able to focus and work independently with little supervision and direction.


The person in this role will be able to complete short term tasks, as well as tasks that could take up to 2 years to execute.

Work Values:

This individual should value:
a) Accuracy and details
b) Organization
c) Managing relationships
d) Meeting deadlines
e) High education standards
f) Maintaining high levels of communication
g) Developing and maintaining corporate systems, policies and procedures

Skilled Knowledge & Experience:

The SoM environment is one in which everyone acknowledges that they are continually learning. This person must want to keep learning. This role requires an especially strong goal orientation, well-developed organizational skills, and perseverance in the face of challenges. The successful candidate will have the capability of creating and solving challenging math questions up to and beyond the grade 12 level.


The minimum level of education required is a B.Sc. A degree in mathematics is preferred.


The Contest Coordinator has the following authorities:
a) Manage the WMO Coaches, WMO Competition Writers, SoMC Content Writers, Contest Club Coaches, and Competitive Contest Coaching Club Coaches .
b) Employ or terminate the contract of the positions managed.
c) Approve first drafts of contests.
d) Accept students to the Competitive Contest Coaching Clubs.
e) Evaluate contest coaches.
f) Choose the team member for WMO if there is a tie.

Key Responsibilities:

The Contest Coordinator will report directly to the Innovation Director on the following key responsibilities:

WMO Canada
a)Hire and train WMO Team Canada Coaches and Competition Writers.
b)Manage the WMO Team Canada Coaches and Competition Writers and ensure competitions and training material are created on time.
c)Analyze and distribute all marks for students that make it to the next rounds, along with choosing Team Canada.
d)Supervise in-house training of Team Canada.
e)Willing to travel across Canada and the world based on needs.
f)Travel to Global Finals and assist with facilitating Canadian Global Finals.
g)Respond to all academic inquiries.
h)Organize and book accommodations for Team Canada.

SoM Contest
a)Hire and train SoM Contest Content Writers.
b)Manage the Contest Content Writers and ensure contests and Practice Center materials are created on time.
c)Assist in writing and editing the contest papers and solutions.
d)Ensure the papers are of a high standard and all solutions are correct.
e)Facilitate the updating of the Practice Center.
f)Mark and analyze all results and distribute the outcomes to the campuses.
g)Respond to all academic inquiries.

Contest Clubs
a)Hire and train Contest Club Coaches.
b)Manage the Contest Club Coaches and ensure clubs are held to a high standard.
c)Compile material for clubs and update contest links each year.
d)Perform administrative tasks to ensure clubs run smoothly.
e)Respond to all inquiries about the clubs.

Competitive Contest Coaching Clubs
a)Hire and train Competitive Contest Coaching Club Coaches.
b)Manage the Competitive Contest Coaching Club Coaches and ensure
clubs are held to a high standard.
c)Conduct student application phases, review student applications, and accept students to the program.
d)Register students for team contests throughout the year.
e)Review and update club structure each year.
f)Find a guest speaker(s) for special sessions.
g)Perform administrative tasks to ensure clubs run smoothly.
h)Respond to all inquiries about the clubs.

a)Integrate with other departments as needed.
b)Other administrative & coordination tasks as needed.
c)Other academic tasks as needed.
d)Develop and maintain the policies and procedure manual for the respected duties.


To apply, please send your updated resume to with “Name_Title of Position” as subject.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics (Statistics), or equivalent technical degree.

Headquarters Campus Address

1446 Don Mills Road (South of York Mills), Suite 101
Toronto - M3B 3N3

416-223-1985 x 124

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