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Jan.3 – Feb 13, 2021

There are many tutoring services and worksheet-based programs for students who are struggling with math. But what about those students who are bright or gifted, yearning to learn more? Spirit of Math challenges these students in Grades K-11, introducing them to important math concepts and giving them the foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics.

In one after-school class per week, Spirit of Math students learn in a dynamic classroom environment with like-minded peers. Our students come to us from some of the top public, private and gifted schools across North America. They continue to enroll year after year because they find something unique in our after-school classrooms.

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What will your children do in the future?

Consider this: many of the most in-demand careers require the ability to work confidently with numbers and mathematical concepts. From accounting to engineering and big data to the physical sciences, math is a core competency.

Yet too many bright young people lose confidence, drop or avoid math courses in high school and find that their post-secondary options are limited because they did not have the math skills to thrive. In almost every case, this did not have to happen.

Students who study challenging material in a supportive and engaging environment in the elementary and secondary years believe in their ability to learn and become whatever they want. We help them achieve this goal.

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