Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this summer school or camp?

A. Our summer programs cover meaningful math concepts and skills, from problem solving to graphing and pattern discovery. This is math enrichment – designed for students who enjoy learning topics outside of the typical school math curriculum with a group of engaged peers. You’ll find a description of each program offered in the downloadable brochure for each campus.

Q. How long are the camps?

A. Most programs are week long, half-day (morning) sessions. At some campuses we’ve found partners to present complementary afternoon sessions in robotics or other topics to create a full day experience. You can also check for multiple week options, with different program topics so your child gets a fresh experience each week. To learn more, click on the campus near you for location, program topics, contact information and more.

Q. Does my child have to be a Spirit of Math student to attend?

A. No, we’ve designed our summer programs to work well with both our existing students and those not enrolled in our program. In fact, it’s a great way to give your student some exposure to our approach to mathematics.

Q. What grade level or ages do the summer programs cover?

A. Check the campus-specific information, but most offer programs for participants in grades 2-3 and 4-6. Some locations also have programs for grades 7-9.

Q. Who teaches the camp program?

A. Fully qualified Spirit of Math teachers (each of whom has a university degree and has completed a 100-hour training program with us) run our summer camp programs. These are the same teachers who lead our school year programs.

Q. Where are the programs held?

A. If you click through on a campus of interest, you will find a map and other information about the program location. In most instances these are the same facilities we use during the school year.

Q. Are the programs for gifted children?

A. You will find a range of math loving, bright and gifted children in our programs. This can be a great way to help your child find peers with similar interests and to make new friends.

Q. My child has a nut allergy. Is your classroom safe?

A. You will see from our camp brochures that we ask all parents to send only nut-free snacks and (for full day programs) lunches.